solo piano

In solo performances I strive to find the place where composition and improvisation meet, blending together elements of tonal, 20th century, and improvised musical traditions into a cohesive whole.

Samples from “Greg de Denus Live at Gallery 345″ now available on itunes

36 Piano Improvisations.  What you are hearing was recorded over a two hour period with no breaks.  The order has been preserved, there have been no edits of any kind.  


trio with Dan Fortin (bass) and Nick Fraser (drums)

trio with Brandi Disterheft (bass) and Sly Juhas (drums)

A piece of mine recorded with ENGINE, a quintet led by Peter Lutek

A piece of mine recorded with Composers Workshop (CW).  CW was active from 2005-2008.  In that time the collective produced over 300 new works and 80hrs of recorded material.  The ensemble was formed for the purpose of showcasing and performing innovative compositions.  The groups mandate was to facilitate the free exchange of new musical concepts and the formulation of new approaches to composition and improvisation, and to present music recently composed by its members.

CW members L to R:  Simeon Alev (woodwinds),  Peter Lutek (woodwinds, toys, engineering), Greg de Denus (wurlitzer, toys), Scott Peterson (bass, percussion, toys, voice), Kevin Brow (drums, percussion, toys),  Elie Katzin (guitar, effects), Tom Richards (trombone, percussion)

composers group 2